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About Our Academics
College of Music
College of Visual Arts
College of Sound and Image Arts
College of Letters and Cultural Heritage




Video Introduction of TNNUA
Visual Introduction of Tainan National University of the Arts, presenting the history of the school which started from 1989, the year of establishment. The mission of TNNUA is to nurture talents in the highly professional art fields. The School boasts a wide range of academic fields in related areas, comprising the College of Music, College of Visual Arts, College of Sound and Image Arts, College of Letters and Cultural Heritage, and Commission for General Education. In the video, you can see the story and the essence of the school.









About TNNUA PPT download
If you want to know about TNNUA briefly, please download our PowerPoint slides for further information of all of our program: Introduction of Characteristics, Academics, Campus etc.


brief information of our university